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Gearing up for fall and winter Steelhead can be a challenge but here’s what you will need at a minimum:



Our pick for all around Steelhead fishing is an 11’ to 11’6” switch rod for a 7 or 8 weight line. This is a great rod for drift fishing or fishing floating lines with floats. Our pick for swinging flies is a 13’ to 13’6” 8wt two-handed rod.



You will need three fly lines for the above set ups. First the switch rod…you will need a running line for drift fishing. We like Berkley Big Game 30lb (Chartreuse) as a running line. Second for the switch rod you will need a WF 7 or 8 aggressive taper floating line. Last is for the Two-handed swing technique….you will want a 500 grain Skagit line with a 30 coil of T-14 sinking line. We use Berkley Big Game (Chartreuse) 40lb for our running line here.



Buy the best you can afford. A four-inch diameter reel will work for both the switch rod or the two-hander. The reel must be a 10wt line capacity. It’s better to have a reel a little to large than a little to small…go big!



Michigan fall is a real guess.70 degrees one day and snow the next. If you own it bring it! It’s easier to stay warm than it is to get warm! Rain gear and layered insulation is best. Long billed hats, polarized glasses, gloves, warm boots or waders, hand drying towel and glasses cleaner.



Your guide will have these things but for convenience sake, bring line nippers and hemostats. We supply leaders and leader material but if you have a favorite bring it.

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