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Fall is in the air and leaves are starting to turn.
King Salmon have started up area rivers, next up....Steelhead

Lower Manistee River
 For our purpose the "Lower Manistee River" means below Tippy Dam. From Tippy to Lake Michigan there are 32 miles of meandering river home to trout, steelhead, salmon, bass, pike and a host of other fish species.
 Here's a few guides and outfitters to check on Lower Manistee fishing reports. Jon Ray's Mangled Fly, Hawkins Outfitters and The Northern Angler.

Fall 2021
It's almost here, the fall run of Salmon and Steelhead....get ready.
Upper Manistee River
The "Upper Manistee" generally means everything up-river from Tippy Dam. Most anglers associate the Upper Manistee with places like Sharon, CCC, M-72, etc. This is some of Michigan's most hallowed trout waters. Browns, rainbows and brookies call this home. Fall is the perfect time of the year for very small dry flies and nymphs but most anglers like streamer fishing in Michigan in the autumn. We recommend  Jon Ray's Mangled Fly or Gate's AuSable Lodge for this area's fishing report.

Pere Marquette River
Not much more can be said about the world famous Pere Marquette. Great trout fishing and runs of salmon and steelhead from Lake Michigan. October and November are peak times for these species so be prepared for crowds from time to time. We recommend Baldwin Bait and Tackle for the best "PM" reports.

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