Water flows have stabilized on the Manistee and other area rivers but still at high flows. Check the USGS water gauges at the top right of this screen.

Lower Manistee River

 For our purpose the "Lower Manistee River" means below Tippy Dam. From Tippy to Lake Michigan there are 32 miles of meandering river home to trout, steelhead, salmon, bass, pike and a host of other fish species.

Right now (October) is one of the most popular times to fish these waters as fall and winter steelhead are starting their migration from Lake Michigan.

October 24th:

The water flows from recent rains (4.2 inches here) have stabilized, but still at high flows. Be cautious out there.

Steelhead is the name of the game on the Manistee. The bite has been spotty but worth the effort as our fish are very large this fall. Egg flies, beads, caddis larva and STS buggers are the "go to" flies for now. The swing fishing and bite is picking up as water temps drop and the Salmon egg food conveyor belt slows down. Water temps on the Manistee is around 50 degrees. The leaf drop is tapering off but still plenty on the trees to drop. The river is very busy this fall, please be courteous to other anglers and follow proper boating etiquette. Be safe!

Upper Manistee River

The "Upper Manistee" generally means everything up-river from Tippy Dam. Most anglers associate the Upper Manistee with places like Sharon, CCC, M-72, etc. This is some of Michigan's most hallowed trout waters. Browns, rainbows and brookies call this home. Fall is the perfect time of the year for very small dry flies and nymphs but most anglers like streamer fishing in Michigan in the autumn. We recommend  Jon Ray's Mangled Fly or Gate's AuSable Lodge for this area's fishing report.

Pere Marquette River

Not much more can be said about the world famous Pere Marquette. Great trout fishing and runs of salmon and steelhead from Lake Michigan. October and November are peak times for these species so be prepared for crowds from time to time. We recommend Baldwin Bait and Tackle for the best "PM" reports.

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