We use this area to feature new innovations in the fly-fishing industry. 

TFO (Temple Fork Outfitters) introduces a new fly rod. The series is called Axiom II or A2. ‚ÄčAxiom II is a blend of high modulus carbon fiber and Kevlar. The Kevlar is wrapped Helix up and down the rods length to add hoop strength. In a patented process of combining these two materials TFO engineers have dramatically increased a fly rod's strength and durability without adding weight. As a side effect of this process this rod also tracks and recovers better than any previous rod on the market, by any maker. 

Double SS Outdoors is a different sales and marketing operation. We have a motto we live by. If a product is not high performance and does not deliver a value proposition, we will not represent it.

High price does not equal high performance, not anymore. High prices in the fly fishing industry usually means high profits for the manufacturer. 

We offer products to the fly-fishing industry (fly shops) such as TFO (Temple Fork Outfitters) , (fly rods, reels, accessories), New Phase Inc. (fly boxes and accessories)   and Graplrz (eye glasses retainers)

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