Not long after Ray got started, a famous Pere Marquette River guide stood on the bank one day and asked to chat. He said, "I like what you are doing and asked, when I go would you be the river keeper and carry on for me?" He went on to say that, "guides are expected to provide the very best for their sport for the day or week and to do that they must be the best at all things they can control. Nice boat, clean vehicle, positive attitude, fine fishing equipment and an exceptional lunch." The rest he said, was mostly out of my control. The client will always remember the good things and forget about the rain, snow or wind." He was right.

So, fly-fishing only since 1976 and it's still the same today.

Today Ray and Kate wear many hats in fly-fishing. In 2012 not long after the sale of Schmidt Outfitters we started this company, Double SS Outdoors. Our primary function is representing specialised fly tackle manufacturers. TFO is on the top of that list. We conduct sales and marketing at shows, clubs and consult with our fly shop partners about fly fishing products.

Ray is a Federation of Fly Fishers certified fly casting instructor, co-founder of the Michigan River Guides Association and part of TFO's Advisory Staff.

Ray with a wild Manistee River Steelhead

For over 40 years Ray has guided fly anglers from across the globe. Starting in 1976 with a pair of hip boots on the Little Manistee River stalking Steelhead, Ray quickly grew his guide service business to the largest outfitter in Michigan and the Great Lakes region.

In 2012 Ray sold Schmidt Outfitters and opened Double SS Outdoors. Today we steer fly anglers to the best guides and outfitters. We have not done it all but few have and we come close!

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